When Birthday Parties Go Wrong

kids birthday parties

Photo by sstepph

My son gets overwhelmed easily, which is why we had his birthday party at a nature center, where there would be no arcade games, loud noises, cramped spaces, or overabundance of sweets and sugar.

Still, being with 15 kids freaked him out and he had a couple of meltdowns when things didn't go exactly his way (like having to wait in line for his turn at the pinata).

Not all toddlers are ideal guests of honor at their birthday parties. Many go into sensory overload and melt down, like my son, or they withdraw and remain glum the whole time, as with mamapotter's normally bubbly and vivacious daughter, Paige, at Chuck E. Cheese recently.


In her Journal, The Saddest Kid at Chuck E Cheese, mamapotter shows pictures of Paige pouting as the kids sang Happy Birthday, frowning as she opened presents, stone-faced as she posed with the wide-grinned Chuck E Cheese himself.

Luckily she perked up at the end. There's one picture of her with the faintest glimmer of a smile.

Have your toddlers ever rebelled, freaked out or lost it at their birthday parties? What did they do and how did you handle it?

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