Idioglassia, Talkative Toddlers: Links I Love

talkative toddlers

Photo by Peajewel

Though you probably can't understand half of what your toddler is saying, there's just something so special about when they begin carrying on "conversations," until, that is, they don't stop. Here are some links I love about talkative toddlers:


Got a parrot on your hands? Learn how to get your toddler to stop repeating things over, and over, and over again. — Babble

Actress Constance Zimmer dishes on her talkative tot. — Celeb Baby

What to do if your toddler reverts back to baby talk. — Parents

Toddler talking timeline. What to expect when. — Baby Center

Idioglossia, aka "twin language." — Toddlers Today

Decoding those two-word sentences. — Parenting

Do you have a talkative toddler?

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