7 Signs Your Toddler May Have Vision Trouble

symptoms of vision problems

Photo by celticfaerie995

About 20 percent of kids ages 3 to 5 have an eye issue that if left untreated could lead to reduced sight when they're older, according to a recent article in Parents magazine. Seven clues that may require a visit to an ophthalmologist:

  • Your child squints when looking at faraway objects.
  • Your child rubs his eyes a lot or squints when looking at things close up.
  • Not staying focused for long periods of time on drawing, reading, or playing on the computer.
  • Your child turns her head to the left or right when watching television.
  • He confuses the letters G and O and V and Y.
  • Your child has eyes that are unevenly aligned.
  • One eye turning in or out.

These signs could point to nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, strabismus or amblyopia. Ask your pediatrician for advice or referral to a specialist.

Do you suspect your toddlers may have vision problems? How was your child's vision condition diagnosed?

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