Please Remove Your Crying Toddler from the Store!

meltdowns and tantrums in stores

Photo by stacy77

A warning: If you are in a store and see a toddler having a meltdown, screaming fit, tantrum, whatever ... do not, I repeat, DO NOT approach the mom to give advice or offer help or -- goodness help you -- ask her to leave the store.

Because you will likely get a look like this at right.

Chances are you know this already. But in case you're still new at toddlerhood, to help hammer the point home, here's a sampling of some of responses you might get along with those daggers. Maybe you could print this out and post copies at all your favorite stores ...

-- It is in your best interest not to get involved. I will be already aggravated and some nosy person not minding their own business will send me over the edge.

-- I would knock you on your a** if you walked up and told me to leave the store. I don't have a problem with a child screaming in a store because I don't know the situation.


-- My son has autism, and does this all the time. I hate when people come up to me when I'm trying to calm him down, asking if he's okay or if I need help. That's more annoying to me than my kid crying!

-- If some broad got in my face about my crying baby or my melting-down child, she should already have the thinking skills to know I'm not a happy camper at this point. I would most likely be telling her to get out of my face before I get her out of my face. I already have one brat to deal with.

Good vent, I needed that.

What do you do about screaming children in stores? Do you approach or keep your distance? Has a stranger ever come to you offering advice on how to handle your child's tantrum?

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