My Child's Disappeared!

hiding toddlers

Photo by dsperry1110

My 4 year old is either going to be a spy, magician, or cat when she grows up. She is so stealth and quiet -- so unlike my elephant footed boy -- that it just amazes me she's even human.

She loves to hide, and she knows it's a sure way to get a reaction. It was worse when she was younger, more petite. She'd wait till I turned my head or left the room for a few minutes, then wandered off to pick a spot to crawl in or under in the house, and bide the minutes until I'd start yelling and screaming to find her. Sometimes it took 20 minutes to snuff her down, often following offers of cookies or candy.

My daughter does this on purpose, but this is what almost gave one pregnant mom, LaceyN1121, a heart attack the other day:


"I sign on to the computer and my 6 year old was in the living room watching TV," LaceyN1121 tells the Stay At Home Moms. "I got up to check on her, and she is gone! She didn't answer when I started yelling for her. She wasn't in any of the bathrooms or spare bedrooms where she normally plays. Me being pregnant and paranoid, I start frantically looking for her, and over a matter of six minutes I sit back down at the computer desk to pick up the phone. As I started to dial I kicked something. I looked under my desk. There she was, with our puppy, sleeping ..."

Has your toddler ever pulled a disappearing act that almost put you over the edge? What happened -- was she hiding or conked out someplace?

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