My Child's Disappeared!

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My 4 year old is either going to be a spy, magician, or cat when she grows up. She is so stealth and quiet -- so unlike my elephant footed boy -- that it just amazes me she's even human.

She loves to hide, and she knows it's a sure way to get a reaction. It was worse when she was younger, more petite. She'd wait till I turned my head or left the room for a few minutes, then wandered off to pick a spot to crawl in or under in the house, and bide the minutes until I'd start yelling and screaming to find her. Sometimes it took 20 minutes to snuff her down, often following offers of cookies or candy.

My daughter does this on purpose, but this is what almost gave one pregnant mom, LaceyN1121, a heart attack the other day:

"I sign on to the computer and my 6 year old was in the living room watching TV," LaceyN1121 tells the Stay At Home Moms. "I got up to check on her, and she is gone! She didn't answer when I started yelling for her. She wasn't in any of the bathrooms or spare bedrooms where she normally plays. Me being pregnant and paranoid, I start frantically looking for her, and over a matter of six minutes I sit back down at the computer desk to pick up the phone. As I started to dial I kicked something. I looked under my desk. There she was, with our puppy, sleeping ..."

Has your toddler ever pulled a disappearing act that almost put you over the edge? What happened -- was she hiding or conked out someplace?

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yup my daughter was five and she is deaf on minute theire and the next she was gone i panicked she was not even able to speak think about that one and we wer at the fair

lovel... lovelyli217

OMG yes! One time we were having a party at Bear Mountain in NY and my son (who at the time was just a month away from turning 3) wandered off. We were at the end of everything and started to bring our things to the car when all of the sudden I had to use the bathroom. I asked my sister if she could watch the kids and ran down the hill to the rest rooms. My friend grabbed the stroller and my sister grabbed the hand of my (at the time) 4 yr old and forgot to grab my almost 3 yr old- when i got out of the bathroom my son was gone! Thank God a park ranger found him and returned him to us within 10 minutes- (just to let u know, no my sister has never been alone with my kids ever again!)

kittymom kittymom

Yes my 2 year old did this to me about a month ago.  I was packing our bags in the bedroom and she was in the living room watching her shows and eating breakfast.  We were going out of town for the weekend and she hollered for me and I yelled back I was in the bedroom (only 16 steps from the living room). Well after a second or so it was quite so I went into the living room to check on her and the back screen door was open.  I started to yell for her and then I heard her.  She was half way across the back yard into the neighbors yard with our dog in tow. It scared the crap out of both of us.  That weekend she was connected to my hip and did not want me out of her sight and visa versa.

Artis... Artistachica


I looked and called her name for 20 minutes...I was so frantic, I drove around the neighborhood thinking she snuck outside. Turns out she was curled up in bed on her giant stuffed puppy with a blanket. WORST experience ever....I was in the middle of reporting her missing when my brother told me where she was. I hung up with them, and just cried. =(

mstha... msthang31

I remember when my now 13 1/2 year old was about 7 or 8 went missing. His dad and I were out looking for him at midnight. My dad had just died and I was upset about that. We called down the street to my aunt's house and she said she hadn't seen him. I had prepared myself for the worst. Well I had one last phone call to make before I decided to call the police. Turns out he was around the corner spending the night with a friend and my 16 year (now 22) forgot to tell me he was over there. That can be scarey. When he was about 3 yrs old he wandered out of a store we were in and into the mall. I dropped everything to go and look for him and as I was talking to security a lady was bringing back down to the security officer and I. Moms I encourage everyone to keep an eagle out for your babies.

tferns tferns

When my now 9 yo son was 2, we were at a parade with family. (The parade had not started yet.) I had just changed medications for depression, and was VERY tired and out of it. At one point, I had been laying down on a bench and I lifted my head up to check on my 3 kids. You know how you ask.. "Where's Zac?" and SOMEONE usually answers... "Right here!"... well, no one answered. So, I asked LOUDER.. hoping someone would answer me. But, all they did was look around. The bottom sank out of my stomach... I screamed "WHERE'S ZAC??" and screamed at the cops that were directing traffic. He (way too calmly, in my opinion) asked if my child was missing. I said yes. I ran into the street and began to call his name. He had walked around the corner... and 1/2 way down the block before someone noticed him and had stopped him. My dad caught up with him and brought him back. I have NEVER felt so much relief. Even writing the story I feel the emotions again!

monke... monkeypat

My daughter pulled a disappearing act in SEARS.   I was frantic and other people were helping us.  The whole time she was hiding under a clothes rack.  I was about to call 911, when she saw how upset I was and came out.  I burst into tears. 

Mommy... Mommy2Bears

My Husband was watching our two toddlers while I was looking for birthday cards. Being a push over he let them out of the shopping cart and one went one way and the other the opposite. He grabbed the youngest first but by then the oldest (2) was no where in sight. He called and looked under things. He got the attention of a sales associate and they both started looking. He started saying he had chocolate and low and behold the little rascal popped her head out of the dressing rack. Needless to say he didn't learn his lesson and still gives in to their whims.

MissJ... MissJeanne

My son was about two and I couldn't find him, went up and down our street as he sometimes followed older brothers, no son, I was frantic, went into nursery (His room) for something and there he was asleep UNDER his crib. 

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