My Child's Disappeared!

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My 4 year old is either going to be a spy, magician, or cat when she grows up. She is so stealth and quiet -- so unlike my elephant footed boy -- that it just amazes me she's even human.

She loves to hide, and she knows it's a sure way to get a reaction. It was worse when she was younger, more petite. She'd wait till I turned my head or left the room for a few minutes, then wandered off to pick a spot to crawl in or under in the house, and bide the minutes until I'd start yelling and screaming to find her. Sometimes it took 20 minutes to snuff her down, often following offers of cookies or candy.

My daughter does this on purpose, but this is what almost gave one pregnant mom, LaceyN1121, a heart attack the other day:

"I sign on to the computer and my 6 year old was in the living room watching TV," LaceyN1121 tells the Stay At Home Moms. "I got up to check on her, and she is gone! She didn't answer when I started yelling for her. She wasn't in any of the bathrooms or spare bedrooms where she normally plays. Me being pregnant and paranoid, I start frantically looking for her, and over a matter of six minutes I sit back down at the computer desk to pick up the phone. As I started to dial I kicked something. I looked under my desk. There she was, with our puppy, sleeping ..."

Has your toddler ever pulled a disappearing act that almost put you over the edge? What happened -- was she hiding or conked out someplace?

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momav... momavanessa

A few months ago my son did this to me. He is 15 months at the time. We have a wrap around deck and 3 doors that go out to it. Well I forgot that the master bedroom's glass door was open. I was in the kitchen making breakfast and watching him play in the livingroom(I could seem him from the bar)well after awhile things got quiet and I thought he was in his room and he wasn't I checked the back part of the deck and he wasn't there. I got scared thinking He could go into the street or down to the creek. I finally checked my room and he was out on the deck just sitting there! I think we need to put up some gates on the deck so he can play out there!

Feltm... Feltmommy

About 2 weeks ago, I took my 2 boys (ages 3 and 16 months) to Walmart. As I was browsing the women's clothing section, my 3 year old kept asking to go see the fish at the other end of the store, and I kept telling him, "When Mommy is done looking here we will go see the fish". The next thing I know, he is gone. I frantically start looking through the clothes racks and no child! So I started heading to the fish and as I get 2 aisles away, he runs out in the aisle. I nearly broke down in tears when I found him, but instead I picked him up, put him in the cart, went to the checkout stand, and left the store to cry in the privacy of my car!

pregp... pregpostmassage

Your toddlers are vulnerable. You need to keep your eye on them at all times--if you can't watch your child and do another activitiy at the same time, pop them in a playpen.

tripl... tripletmom861

This is when having multiples helps. No one can hide w/o another one knowing exactly where they are.  One always knows & they can't hide together without giggling or fighting.  Finally an advantage to triplets.

KC_Ch... KC_Cherome

Wow, yeah. When my daughter was about 18 months old, she and I lived in a small one bedroom apartment, and she slept with me in my bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and reached over to cover her up only to find her missing. I got up and walked through the apartment, calling her and checking doors and windows (we lived on the third floor) but couldn't find her anywhere. I was on the phone with 911, all the while still screaming her name, when I heard her little voice say "mommy". I ran back into my room and saw her little head as she tried to stand up inside some small tents that set up for her to play in. I had to crawl inside to get her out because she didn't seem to know where she was. Appearently, she had sleep walked into the tent and didn't hear me calling. Needless to say, the tents found there way into the dumpster by morning. 

bluee... blueeyes9999

My daughter sons does this all the time. They had to do a Amber Alert in the Toy's R Us store shutting it down. She went screaming all over the store my child is missing, my child is missing. Finally a woman said she found him hiding in the an obsecure area. One time he crawled into an empty car at the campground they were staying. They search everywhere for him in total panic. Finally my daughter saw the car door of this stranger slightly ajar therre he was hiding on the floor. Countless times this child has put them through hell searching for him. He is now seven years old nothings changed only gotten worse I've never seen behavior in a child like this.

2blon... 2blondegirlsmom

We were at my inlaws house, which is not baby proofed, my oldest was 2 at the time and crawled under the automan.  We had no idea where she was, there was about 5 of us searching for her.  we found her about 30 minutes later. 

rainm... rainmommy

my dd did this when she wa 2 yrsold i woke up one morning at like 4 to get ready for work and i went to check on her in her bedroom she wasnt there i though o kay she sleeping on the couch again so i went into the livng room and she wasnt on the like o shit where she go i re check her room under her bed and i check next to my bed on both side and under it...i realized at some point that my cat and dog were missing to and a feeling of dread washes over me...what if they made it out side? we lived next to a main rd and a creek surrounded by a mountain and woods...i feared the worse i screamed for hubby to get up that dd was missing and i said im going pee and im going to the neighbors to call the cop..we had no phone and neighbors were like 30 yard away and i walked into the bathroom the light was on (somehow it didnt catch my attention befor)..and there was dd sound asleep wrapped up in her horse blankey laying next to r dog on one side and r cat on the other iwas so scared tha i called into work that day i and i spent the whole day with dd and thanking my animals for kepping dd safe

Adams52 Adams52

I have a son who loved to climb, and he disappeared at a church pinic we search everywhere for him and was about to call the police because the church was right next to a canal. After searching for sometime he came out of he tree with a big grin on his face, he was only 4 and a half. I wanted to kill him but my relief at see him ok was more than my wanting to do that. But he love for climbing had no end a few years later while I Boy Scouts he did the same thing on a Scout trip. They were playing a hide andseek game and he hid so well that after hours of looking for him they call me and my husband to come up to the Scout camp because he was missing. He had tired himself to a branch in the the tree and went to sleep, luckly he woke up and came down before we left the house. His nick name became bear because the tree he climb had no branch on it for about 8 to 10 feet up, it was a pine tree the next day he showed the everyone how he climbed it. You just hug it and go up.

Lumin... LuminousMom

Yeah. My son did this to me and I ended up calling the COPS! We found him in my bedroom, wedged between the mattress and the wall, with my comforter on top.. and he hid so long he fell asleep. I was practically haivng a panic attack! I knew he couldn't have left, because all the doors to the house were locked and our windows are high... when we (the cops and I) found him, I started crying so hard... the cop said " we don'tnormally hug people" but he hugged me and started laughing and telling me it was OK and trying to calm me down.. I was practically hyperventilating by that point! I felt so bad I made them come out and help me tear up my house but also so happy that we found Micah.

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