Bed Rest While Caring for a Toddler? How to Do It


Being sick and having to occupy a toddler all day is torturous. All you want to do is lie in bed, sleep, and be quiet, and your toddler wants to do the exact opposite: play, eat, and make noise.

Some moms in a Stay At Home Moms discussion say bed rest with a toddler is impossible. A pregnant mom put on bed rest had to have her husband take two weeks off to care for her and their toddler son.

But a few have pulled it off ... here's what worked for HybridMom27, on bed rest for three weeks for a kidney stone and later on in her pregnancy for preeclamsia, while still caring for her 2 year old son:

  • We watched lots of TV and videos together.
  • I'd lay on the floor on my side and we'd play together or do puzzles.
  • I had sitters come three afternoons a week for 2-3 hrs to take him outside to play. We just muddled through.
  • The library is a saving grace. Most towns have library deliveries for shut-ins, and you are now a shut-in! So get some videos, some books and then set yourself up on the couch. 
  • Can you get up enough to make a quick lunch or snack? If not, then you may need to have DH make your lunches before he leaves for work. 
  • Sometimes it's fun to change things up and play on your bed. Ask your child to bring up loads of toys on the bed and you can be silly together, even play dress-up or pretend. 
  • Periodically, my in-laws would take DS on weekends or a weekday so I could get some rest. I did take him to pretty much all of my NSTs, BPPs and prenatal visits. 
  • He loved to play doctor -- do you have a doctor kit

How do you manage to occupy your toddler when you're sick or on bedrest? Any tips to share with others?

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