Parents Want Nude Sculpture Removed

parents want nude sculpture removedThere's a shop in our town that displays unusual paintings in the windows. One day, there appeared a graphic and detailed picture of a naked women in a sultry pose.

To each their own. Some people might consider this art. Personally, I'd rather my young kids not see it, so now we just bypass that particular street.

But a group of Florida parents are making a lot of noise about something similar in their neighborhood -- a nude bronze sculpture erected at a shopping center near an elementary school.

To see a picture of the offending artwork, click this news story about the nude Florida sculpture.


The figurative and abstract piece depicts a family -- a father, a mother holding an infant and an older child by the hand. The owner of the shopping center thinks it's natural and beautiful.

But the PTA  said she found it distasteful and e-mailed parents last Wednesday morning, asking them to file complaints with the center's owner and with Palm Beach County Code Enforcement. They feel it's inappropriate for school children and want the sculpture taken down.

How do you separate art from inappropriate nudity with your toddlers? Are you comfortable letting them view pictures and sculptures of naked people and exaggerated body parts?

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