"Bad" Mom or Unfortunate Accident?

toddler found wandering in the streetA 14-month-old Ohio boy was found wandering in a busy intersection by a woman on her way to work. He was "smack in the middle of the street," his rescuer Rachel Downey told police.


The boy's 9-year-old sister was "babysitting" him downstairs in the house while their mother was upstairs. Instead of putting her brother in his playpen like mom requested, the little girl put him on the couch.

He saw an open door (it was left open by a construction worker) and took off looking for adventure as toddlers so often do.

Rachel Downey returned the boy to his home safe and sound, where his mother was very upset upon learning what had happened. The incident is under investigation and charges could be filed against the family.

At what age to you think it's okay to let another sibling watch a toddler? Do you think the mom is "responsible" for this incident or do you think it's just an accident that could have happened to any of us?

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