Mommy Cards: Resourceful or Risky?

You're in the park and meet a great mom who loves knitting and "Grey's Anatomy" just as much as you do! Your two kids really hit it off, to boot. You'll be BFF. Gotta exchange numbers now to set up a play date, but, ugh. You can't find a pen or even a scrap of paper among the baby wipes and onesies, and you left your cell in the car.

A mommy card sure would come in handy now.

What's a mommy card?


Don't feel bad if you don't know--several moms in the Stay at Home Moms group didn't, either. The photos here showing the front and back of a sample card say it all. It's simply a business card for moms. You can list as little or as much info as you want on them--even emergency contacts and food allergies.

"I use them all the time!," says mad1sonsmommy. I also ordered some with just Madison's name on them to put on birthday presents. That way, I don't have to purchase birthday cards."

KittyD uses them, but only sparingly. She gives them to close friends in a moms group she belongs to, but she would never reveal that much information about her family and children to a stranger. "I'm paranoid ... that's dangerous."

What about you--do you think the cards are clever or corny? Dangerous or perfectly harmless?

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