Too Precious: Recipes Written By Toddlers

How to make spaghetti, by McKensie, age 2:

Put noodles in a pot. Cook them until they are soft. Put sauce in another pot, cook it until it splatters on the stove. Then mix it together. Put some cheese on it and eat it.

Want more adorable recipes written by tots?


Dinosaur Soup (found via Shelterrific) is a super-cute illustrated collection of 50 recipes (including "Spaghetti") written by children. It's available for purchase at Bob's Your Uncle for $16.

If your toddler has a favorite recipe, you can submit it for Volume Two. Ask your child to write or tell you how to make his or her favorite dish. Do not correct them in any way. Submit their recipe here.

Does your toddler have a favorite recipe?

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