Dangerous Habit: Sliding With Your Tot

children injured on slides

Photo by Ivansmom

We've all done this -- planted our 1 year old in our laps and launched ourselves down the big kid slide at the playground. We may have even done it with our 14 month old or 18 month old, who was still too afraid or lacked the muscle coordination to venture down the long chute solo. Or, just because it's fun.

Very bad idea, it turns out.


Toddlers routinely break legs this way, according to an article in Parents magazine. I searched and found lots of similar stories on the web. One mom describes how the sole of her 2 year old's shoe got caught on the wall of the slide on the way down and his shinbone snapped. Had he been by himself, his shoe probably wouldn't have stopped him and he would have been fine.

The experts recommend waiting until your toddler is old enough to navigate the slide on his own to avoid these types of injuries. Or to stick with those smaller plastic slides with a narrower chute designed just for toddlers.

Big bummer for the little ones, but good for their legs.

Are you guilty of sliding with your toddler? Are you going to quit now that you've read this?

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