Best Websites for Finding a Babysitter

babysitter sitesIt takes a lot to trust someone outside of close family and friends to take care of your kids, that's why finding a babysitter can be so difficult.


If you can't rely on word of mouth, try online. There are some really great websites dedicated to helping you find the perfect sitter. Our friends at Woman's Day have done the legwork and selected the top three sites: All of the 150,000+ caregivers featured on the site are over the age of 18 and their profiles include whether a background check has been done, which safety certificates they’ve earned, and reviews from past clients. The best thing about this site is that you can have a week-long free trial to test it out, and then choose either a monthly or annual fee plan. The site has affiliations with two other caregiver websites and also with a full-service nanny placement agency. It gives you a free preview of sitters in your area with neighborhood mapping technology, and provides resources for parents, like a sample reference form and contract as well as potential interview questions. The monthly fee is extremely reasonable ($5.75 each month), and after you register, you gain instant access to contact information for babysitters, caregivers and other similar services within your area. Rated as one of the safest online sites for finding care providers, all of the caregivers and job postings are screened by an editorial team made up of other moms, who we all know are the toughest critics. The site also provides limited, but free access to potential sitters’ profiles, background checks and references as well as a few different fee-based account options. Best of all, it comes with a money-back guarantee that if you post a job and don’t get at least three applicants in three days, you will get a full refund.

Have you used any of these sites? Where did you find your babysitter?

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