Toddler Fears: "Mommy, I'm Scared!"

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Photo by lpalady

I know the toddler "fear phase" is pretty much textbook; however, I don't remember my older son going through it when he was two or three years old.

So now I'm worried my younger son, almost 3, and his current fear phase might be all our fault.


My almost-three-year old wants to do everything his six-year brother is doing — from watching the Star Wars: The Clone Wars on TV to playing with Star Wars action figures. All I hear is "Luke" this and "Luke" that. It's all about fitting Crayola markers together to turn them into Jedi lightsabers.

But frankly, the Star Wars stuff is too old for my youngest son, sometimes even a little too scary for my older son. But it's so hard to keep all this stuff away from my younger son. I mean, our house is only so big.

Anyway, my toddler has started the "fear phase," saying he's scared when we put him to bed. Sometimes he says he's afraid of the dark. Other times he says he's afraid of spiders or monsters.

So there are a few things that this might mean: 1) He's a different child than my older son, 2) we're exposing him to shows and concepts that are not age appropriate, 3) he's picking up on my older son's "I'm scared" language," or 4) he's smart enough to try this tactic to get out of going to bed or staying in his bed.

Knowing my little smarty pants, it's probably not our fault after all. It's probably the latter. But who knows? In the meantime, we're doing our best to keep the "scary" boy stuff at an appropriate level.

Is your toddler going through a fear phase? How do you handle it?

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