Where Did Mommy Go?

Cafe Suzanne over in Baby Buzz had some very exciting news to report this past weekend. Her 10-month-old baby daughter said her very first word, which just happens to be "Baby!" Whoo-hoo, break out the baby book and videocam! The first smile. The first tooth. The first step. Every baby milestone is cause for celebration.

Toddler milestones, on the other hand, often make you want to pull your hair out. First tantrum. First bite. First hunger strike.

Then there are some toddler firsts that fall in the bittersweet category, like the one Krys_mathews mentioned recently in the 2003 Babies group.


"My son is turning 5 in one month, he's been in school for 6 weeks. He's a huge momma's boy (all 3 are really), but 2 days ago I became "Mom." No more "Momma," just "Mom." "Thank you, Mom." "What are we doing today, Mom?" OMG, I knew 5 meant no more toddler. He's a big kid now, but from 4 straight to 15! WTF! Is anyone else "Mom" now? I feel ever unconnected now that I lost my first little boy."

Do you remember when your tot seemed to turn big kid overnight? What was the look, word, act, or situation that made you take pause and think, "My baby isn't a baby anymore!"

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