Nudity Boundaries, No Clothing in Public?: Links I Love


Photo by MamaFen

There's been a lot of discussion recently about kids and nudity, with questions like, at what age is it not appropriate? In the house? In public? Here are some links I love that discuss these questions:


This mom talks about her experiences with her two-year-old going sans clothing in public. — Babble

Should there be nudity boundaries in the home? — Parent Dish

Lots of moms shower with their kids (it saves time, water, and sanity), but at what age should parents stop showering with their tot? — Lil Sugar

Is it okay for your kids to see you naked? — Big Kid Buzz

This celeb mom received some heat when she posed with her little girl who happened to not be wearing a top. — Celeb Baby

What's your take on kids running around in their birthday suits? At what age do you feel is it no longer appropriate in public? In the home?


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