Nudity Boundaries, No Clothing in Public?: Links I Love


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There's been a lot of discussion recently about kids and nudity, with questions like, at what age is it not appropriate? In the house? In public? Here are some links I love that discuss these questions:

This mom talks about her experiences with her two-year-old going sans clothing in public. — Babble

Should there be nudity boundaries in the home? — Parent Dish

Lots of moms shower with their kids (it saves time, water, and sanity), but at what age should parents stop showering with their tot? — Lil Sugar

Is it okay for your kids to see you naked? — Big Kid Buzz

This celeb mom received some heat when she posed with her little girl who happened to not be wearing a top. — Celeb Baby

What's your take on kids running around in their birthday suits? At what age do you feel is it no longer appropriate in public? In the home?


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mommy... mommyheymommy

Nudity is fine at home.  Parents should shower kids until they feel the kids can handle doing it alone without disaster (i.e. soap in the eyes, shampoo dumped out).  As far as in public...KEEP YOUR KID'S CLOTHES ON !!!!!!!

Earth... EarthHippy

Personal, in public pls keep your clothes on. There are too many sickos.  In the house is your own dicreasion, really, why is everyone so concerned about what everyone els thinks anyway?. do what right in yur heart. I stopped letting my pre schooler see ME nude when he was old enough to tell 'mama parts from daddy parts" .

ethan... ethans_momma06

I would never take my chold out naked in public, although we have made a quick trip or two in his undies w/ a shirt.

At home I think it's fine to be naked, shower together, whateva until one of you feels uncomfortable. Then it is def. time to stop.

josie... josie_mommyof2

Going to the store, yeah, keep clothing on. If the kid has an an explosive diaper issue and you forgot to replace the extra set of clothing kept in the car or diaper bag, then I understand the kid just being in a diaper. My 3 year old. WOW! This boy is going to be the death of me! lol But, for whatever reason, EVERYTIME he steps foot out back to play, his clothes come off! He just will not leave them on. Driving me nuts! Yesterday, while he was bent over, he didn't really like the fly biting his naked fanny, but, still found it necessary to play naked.  Thank God we have a privacy fence around the backyard though!

BaisMom BaisMom

My daughter sleeps in just a pull up sometimes and then she'll wake up and walk around like that for a while, but if someone comes to the door I tell her to go in the room and I don't let her outside without a shirt or bottoms on. I'm just not comfortable with it. I still shower and/or bathe with her sometimes. She's only 2, she has the same parts and I don't thing there's anything wrong with her learning about them.

jessi... jessicaeby05

I don't see a problem with my child walking around the house with a diaper on.  She's only two and she doesn't understand anything like that yet.  I don't see a problem bathing with her yet.  I believe it's okay until she/he starts to ask questions.  Also, I don't believe it is okay for a child to be outside in just a diaper.  WAY TOO MANY SICKOS!

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