Perfect Toddler Blanket Idea

toddler blanket idea

Photo by aebaby

A mom in Toddler Moms was complaining that it's hard to find a good toddler size blanket for the crib. They are either too small (for babies) or too big (for big kids and adults).

A lot of moms use throws to cover their sleeping tots, but last weekend I came up with a great solution: I sewed four of my daughter's baby blankets together to make a bigger blanket.

These were the soft, cotton knit Carters blankets she had as a baby. They are the perfect weight for summer, and I often wished they'd come in a toddler size.



The result was functional rather than pretty, as the blankets were all different colors and patterns. But, now I get to wrap her up in memories. And for the price of a needle and a spool of thread, I saved a few bucks!

What blanket is your toddler using lately? Do you have trouble finding the perfect size for children who still sleep in cribs?

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