Breastfeeding Dolls: What Do You Think?

breastfeeding doll bebe gloton

Photo from Berjuan

Many baby dolls come with baby bottles and some moms object to this—they think that the bottles are sending a message to their little ones that babies should be bottle fed. Other moms worry when their kids pretend to breastfeed. Now a Spanish company is selling a doll that promotes breastfeeding.


Bebe Gloton is a doll that comes with a colorful vest that has flowers over the nipple area, which the little "mommy" wears. When the baby doll is lifted to the flowers it makes a suckling motion and sound. The doll is the average length of a real newborn, and it comes in baby boy and baby girl versions.

What do you think of Bebe Gloton? Would you get one for your child?



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