Most Toddlers Are Unsupervised

unsupervised toddlers at home

Photo by TheWellnessMoms

A new survey reveals that 83 percent of moms admit to leaving their toddlers unsupervised in the home, for both short and long periods of time.

Nearly three-quarters of toddlers have climbed on furniture, and more than half have been caught taking items from a purse or climbing out of the crib, according to the new research from the Home Safety Council, which presents these stats to encourage parents to adequately child proof their homes.

If you want a list of all the stuff we're supposed to do to child proof our homes, click for the Home Safety Council's childproofing tips. I confess I haven't done half of them -- not that I recommend that. By all means, better safe than sorry.


I'm just saying that having kids two years apart, it was almost impossible for me to do stuff like "pick up small items like buttons, coins, jewelry and small toys, because if something is small enough to fit in a toilet paper tube, it is not safe for little children."

I mean, have you walked into a home with a toddler recently? Telling a Toddler Mom to keep the place clear of small plastic toys is like asking her to make sure the lawn is free from grass.



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