Most Toddlers Are Unsupervised

unsupervised toddlers at home

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A new survey reveals that 83 percent of moms admit to leaving their toddlers unsupervised in the home, for both short and long periods of time.

Nearly three-quarters of toddlers have climbed on furniture, and more than half have been caught taking items from a purse or climbing out of the crib, according to the new research from the Home Safety Council, which presents these stats to encourage parents to adequately child proof their homes.

If you want a list of all the stuff we're supposed to do to child proof our homes, click for the Home Safety Council's childproofing tips. I confess I haven't done half of them -- not that I recommend that. By all means, better safe than sorry.

I'm just saying that having kids two years apart, it was almost impossible for me to do stuff like "pick up small items like buttons, coins, jewelry and small toys, because if something is small enough to fit in a toilet paper tube, it is not safe for little children."

I mean, have you walked into a home with a toddler recently? Telling a Toddler Mom to keep the place clear of small plastic toys is like asking her to make sure the lawn is free from grass.



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JPsMo... JPsMommy605

To me, most of this was common sense.  I didn't do everything, though - I did what was needed for my son.  Never needed to lock the toilet since he never played with it.  Didn't need to cover the bathtub spout since he learned bathtub safety instead and never bonked his head (he played at the end AWAY from the spout).  Didn't have a crib, so it didn't matter where it was placed.  As for small toys that he could put in his mouth - apparently since I only had one child, this wasn't a problem either - just never gave him anything that small nor allowed access to anything that small.  Again, though, I was lucky in that he didn't feel a need to put everything in his mouth.

justa... justanotherjen

I give myself an F and I'm darn proud.  I have a 3 yo (the youngest of 4) and the only child proofing we have in our house right now is a latch on the cabinet door under the sink where we keep the cleaning supplies.  She has free access to every other part of the house, uses the bathroom alone, goes up and down stairs (and has for awhile, I tossed the baby gate).  The last remnant of baby proofing was the gate on our patio door.  We had a gate because the door leads to nothing.  It's a 4 1/2 foot drop to the ground below but she has proven she can stay away and be careful near it so we only put the gate up if my friend is coming over with her 2yo.

She plays in the backyard alone, plays out front with her siblings without an adult.  She has been playing with Polly Pocket since she was 2 and never puts things in her mouth (the complete opposite of my last 2 kids).  She takes showers alone (she has jumped in after her sister got out and I didn't even know until she came downstairs soaking wet, lol.  She's very independent.  Sure she's gotten herself into trouble.  When she was 17 months I found her screaming on the dining room table.  I promptly got my camera to document it and she never climbed on the table again.  She's fallen down the stairs (and really busted herself up), fallen off of the couch, etc.  I have 4 kids and they all survived toddlerhood in tact and with almost no child proofing.

Tiffa... TiffanyB1221

Ha Ha I have 2 boys and a stong emphasis on the word BOYS bc they are 100% rough and rowdy boys. They are 4 and 22months. I could buy them nothing but bigger toys that way they don't have small things and that big toy would become small pieces in about a day. So what am I to do stop buying toys lol Climbing out of cribs well my youngest does that everyday its to tell me he is awake and he is actually very graceful at it unlike my oldest where we had to put a gym mat on the floor just in case. We did have 2 gates (1 to the steps and 1 to block the kitchen) but now its down to 1 bc the steps are useless bc  you can't turn the gate around that way he doesnt have the ledge where you adjust the gate to climb over so he was climbing over the gate reguardless so we just saved everyone trouble and took it down. The kitchen my 4 y/o goes in all the times and goes through laundry (does it too he likes to fold his clothes) goes through my purse for money for Chuck E Cheese lol. My kids are never outside by themselves bc we live on a busy city street. I protect my kids but I don't have time to childproof 100% of the way. I have the childproof curse-you can CP something and I CANT GET IT UNDONE!! My uncle CP his whole house 1 time I was babysitting one time and I had to have my grandma come to the house to get the fridge unlocked and the bathroom door opened bc the door had that big plastic door knob on it that i absolutely could not get lol

auror... aurorabunny

We didn't need to childproof very much because I actually supervise my child..unlike most people apparently, according to that survey.

toria... toriandgrace

Of course people have left their child unsupervised. You've never peed? I will leave my three year old in the house while I get the mail or grab something from the car, she's unsupervised while I shower, cook, etc. When I had a migraine and my hubby was deployed, I put on a movie for her and lied down in my bed with the door open. She was unsupervised most of the evening, but I couldn't stand up without vommiting and I didn't know anyone where I lived.

We have the door handles on the inside of my daughters room, but she doesn't like her door closed, so that's pretty useless. We have a gate to the kitchen, but that's more for the dog than the toddler. The bathroom door is always open because she is potty training. She really doesn't get into things though.

momav... momavanessa

Most of the time our child is always supervised. If I am in the bedroom on the computer our son is either in his room sleeping or in the living room watching tv with his dad. They love watching Noggin together!

Earth... EarthHippy

I think is nuts if you ask me, i have to agree with toirangrace upthere. I think it depends on the child really. Of course i worry about him getting into the cleaners. he's a very smart boy, there's not many basics he cant do. I dont ever remember my mother who was a SAHM for many many many years,being there every sec. i played very well on my own and watched TV when she would put it on. I dont remember being very interesting in seeing what Drano would taste like. I liked my dolls and big bird. We have to get up and do things, and he's old enough to follow me around and he does believe me. i have to lock the bathroom door sometimes to keep him from watching me pee and talking to me. He is also too old to see mama nude anymore(almost 5) so i get dressed in my room with a door closed and taught him to knock first and ask if mama's changing.  i was raised in the late 70's early 80's and we did'nt have over half the stuff to keeps toddlers safe back then  and i'm still alive. I say keep them outta the poison, and daddys tools, and running withscissors and if you have to leave the room in your house for a second to pee,chillax i'm sure they'll be just fine. 

Ryans... RyansMom0604

We have a lock on the trash cabinet and the cleaning supplies.  We HAD a gate between the kitchen and the living room for when he was crawling.  We still have one at the steps, but for the most I watching my son.  He's not allowed outside by himself, b/c of the neighbors.  You have to watch your kids, even if they are independent.

daddy... daddy-mama

We satarted off, like all first time parents, trying to protect him from everything. We quickly discovered that child-proofing is the best way to start teaching critical thinking and problem solving. There isn't anything that is made for child-proofing that my son can't figure out in 10 minutes (and that's if it is really tough). I always tell people "whatever comes to mind when you think 2 YEAR OLD BOY, even if it is the worst possible thing you can think of, that is my son." I love him to peices. He is a very smart problem solver. and he is the definition of curious. I really hope that never chages.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

My child-proofing extends to keeping the bathroom, bedroom, and basement doors closed (the 4 yr old can open them, the 21 month old can't, and outlet covers.  Cleaning supplies in a high cupboard.  And the bookshelf bolted to the wall.  That's about it.  Yep, my kids have climbed on the tables, and counters, and just about everything else.  They're toddlers, and they're very active boys.  I don't know, to me, being a kid is partly about getting into mischeif and driving your mother nuts.  Where's the fun without that?

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