Does Your Toddler Diss You When You Return from a Trip?

mad toddler, cold shoulder

Photo by akme10607

After a short trip away with my husband, I totally got the cold shoulder from my 2.5-year old.


I just returned from the BlogHer Conference in Chicago. It was a two-day "work" conference, and we extended the trip by a day so my husband and me could have one day touring around the city together.

When we got home, my two-and-a-half-year old told me he wanted to stay at his cousins' house forever and that he did NOT miss me. I just thought he was overtired. But after a nap, he ran out and hugged our cat and wouldn't hug me until I bribed him with the little gift I brought him.

Sheesh. I guess I'm in trouble. And that's no good cause all I want to do now that I'm home is squeeze both my boys continuously.

Do your kids blow you off when you return from a trip without them?

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