Homesick Toddlers: How Katie Holmes and Madonna Deal With Them

homesick toddlers

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty

Katie Holmes (when she's not performing on So You Think You Can Dance) spent almost $700 at a Target in Australia to stop toddler Suri Cruise from missing her home in Los Angeles...


Holmes and husband Tom Cruise are currently living in Melbourne, Australia, while she films Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. A New Zealand Web site reports that the actress went on a shopping spree, purchasing a bicycle, a ‘Dora the Explorer’ piano, a Barbie doll, luxury bed sheets, lavish home accessories, and board games so that 3-year-old Suri wouldn't be homesick.

Likewise, Madonna recently spent a fortune preparing her New York mansion for the arrival of her newly adopted 4-year-old daughter, Mercy, from Africa. Her purchases included: cashmere sweaters, dresses, silk tunics and a charm bracelet.

I'm guessing for most of us and our toddlers, a overnight trip to grandma's house is probably a bit more realistic than a jaunt to Australia. Still, some toddlers do get homesick. And a favorite blanket or stuffed animal (or shopping spree, apparently) can often do wonders to help them to miss home less.

How do you make your toddler feel more comfortable in a new place?

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