Road Trip Games, Portable Sleep Options: Links I Love

travelingIt's nearing the end of summer but you might have a few more trips to take before going back to the daily school grind. Here are some links I love that will help you deal with the craziness of traveling with a tot.


This mom swears that this travel bag made traveling with her twin toddlers possible. — Celeb Baby

Portable sleeping options so you can make sure your tot sleeps soundly while on vacay. — Lil Sugar

21 fun road trip games to keep them from saying, "Are we there yet?" — Cookie

Try the Kids Topic Cards, which are simply cards that have various questions on them, to keep your kids occupied. There is even sets for adults in case the kids fall asleep. — Cool Mom Picks

I have a tendency to get motion sickness. Here are some tips to help you or your loved ones if they do, too. — Healthy Living Buzz 

Do you have any vacations coming up? Where have you been this summer?


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