My Kids Watch You Tube

It was all over the day we showed my son a YouTube video of a scene from the movie CARS. The "director" used the die-cast toys on a green shag rug and manmade "vroom," "crash" and "screech" sounds. I can't even find it anymore to show you, but it was the worst production ever. Still, my son would have given it an Oscar.

He begs to go upstairs to watch "the computer" now. Recently, he's hooked on funny video bloopers of babies passing gas in the bathtub and dogs doing silly things (like the one above).


Lots of other moms let their toddlers watch YouTube, too. When you think about it, it's a good two or three minute antidote for a long and mindless TV program. It gives a little taste, a little thrill, without allowing them to watch too much or lose attention.

KristaP13 was telling the Newcomer's Club that she's been pulling up clips from The Lion King, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and other Disney movies lately. She can never get her 2 year old to sit through full-length flicks, but these shorts get her singing, dancing and clapping.

Check out the full post on toddlers' favorite YouTube videos to see other choice selections.

What do your toddlers watch on YouTube? Are they hooked yet?

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