When Grandma Pays for Everything (Even the Diapers)

I was jealous of a friend whose in-laws bought all their laundry soap, diapers and formula for them. Whenever the in-laws would come for a visit (about once a month), they'd stop at Costco on the way and load up.

With two kids and one income, the gesture made a big difference in their monthy bills -- diapers and formula are by far the most expensive baby items. I wished my own parents had helped us like that.

But my mom has been extremely generous in other ways. She loves to buy clothes for the kids, and does so every fall and spring for the change of seasons. And I let her, oh, boy, do I.


But a lot of moms don't believe in letting their parents buy necessities (and non-necessities) for their children. They think it opens up kids for spoiling and doesn't teach them gratitude or to appreciate how lucky they are to have material things.



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Are you jealous of other moms whose parents help them out? Do your parents throw you a couple bucks now and again to help you raise your kids?

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