Delaying Kindergarten -- Or Pushing It a Year Early?

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If my little girl had been born five days earlier, I might be getting ready to send her off to kindergarten in another month. And I'd be getting nervous. She'd have been the youngest in her class, and I'd be going back and forth on whether I'd made the right decision to send her.

I'm glad she missed the cut-off and the decision was made for me. As much as my husband can't wait to get rid of the day care payment -- and even considered asking the school district to make an exception -- I feel she's still very much a toddler, both size and social wise.

Another CafeMom in the Newcomer's Club is going through a "do I hold him back?" debate, but with a 3 year old and preschool.


"My son was born nine days before the cut off," the mom says. "Normally he should be starting preschool this year, and kindergarten next year, but I don't want him to go yet. There will be kids there that are a full year older than him, and I don't want him to be at a disadvantage."

There is no easy answer. It all depends on the child, as Isaacsmom5354, a paraprofessional in pre-K for six years, answered:

"I've seen some kids that were three when they started and were ready, even more than some of the older kids there. But I've also seen younger kids that were definitely not ready for school. You make the decision based on your child and how mature they are and if you think they are ready.

"My friend's son's birthday is August 13, and he is in the 4th grade with my oldest and he is one of the smartest kids in their grade. He is reading on an 8th grade level and he is in the gifted program."

Are you considering holding your tot back from preschool, pre-K or kindergarten? What helped you make the right decision? Your tips wanted ...

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