Picnics: A Cure for Picky Eaters


picnics for picky eaters

Photo by ToddlerBrain82

You know how going to a new restaurant or sitting out an outdoor table always seems to stimulate your appetite? Well, I've found that leaving the dinner table and switching up the scenery is a great way to get toddlers to try new things.

I'm not sure why -- could be the fresh air, the distraction, or the excitement.

And it won't work for all kids. Plus, some moms are pretty disciplined about sitting only at the table for meals. I get that.

But if you can find a way to make a special occassion out of eating, you might be pleasantly surprised at the results. You won't believe some of the no-fail wacky places I used to get my former picky eaters to chow down:

The backseat of the car

A (very) cold and sandy beach

Picnic table at the park in the rain

The gym mat in our backyard


Our back steps

In the tree swing

It takes a little planning. You have to have the right Tupperware containers, juice boxes or sippy cups, and lots of bags, napkins and wipes for the aftermath. And I wouldn't suggest dining in the back seat if you own a Lexxus or Mercedes.

But try the zoo, the park, or even spread a blanket out in your backyard. Buy a pretty picnic basket and ask your toddler to help you pack it. Put in an extra special treat or toy for when they finish their meal.

The very idea has me starving!

What are some of the wacky and unusual places that you feed your toddler just to get him to eat? Does a change of scene help?

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