20% Off Flushable Diaper Refills (It's Never Too Late to Switch to Greener Diapers!)

GDiapers, cloth diapers

Photo from Inhabitots

I haven't used cloth diapers, and I'm in the home stretch toward potty training (hopefully). But man, the more I read about gDiapers, the flushable and compostable diapers, the more I want to make the switch — even at this late date in toddlerhood.

gDiaper covers are so darn cute, and I'm really tempted to switch now with Amazon's current 20% off special.


Via our friends at Parent Hacks, I just found this great gDiaper deal: 20% off gDiaper Refills with the purchase of a Starter Kit (two pairs of cotton pants + 10 refills + free Super Saver shipping). This special runs through July 31, 2009.

Hmm, should I do it? It's pretty tempting.

Cost Breakdown

I just did the math. My regular disposable diapers, purchased in the 124-diaper bulk box, are just under $0.34 each. The gDiaper refill pack of 128 refills with this 20% off price comes in at just over $0.33 each (normal price about $0.40 each + eco benefits) plus the one-time purchase of the starter kit at $26.28 (but that includes 10 more refills inside and 2 pairs of the washable, reusable cotton "g" pants). So for an investment of about $68 today, I can get 2 cotton pants and 138 refills.

Argh, the Amazon info also reminds me, "plastic-based diapers take about 500 years to decompose," and even if you have to throw out your gDiaper liners, rather than flush them, "they will decompose in 50 to 150 days."

Wow. I'm feeling pretty sold on making the switch!

I can save the landfills from about 4-5 plastic-based diapers a day until Leo potty trains (he's shown NO interest so far; plus, we'll need nighttime diapers for awhile even after potty training). It's never too late to help the planet, right?

Should I go buy the gDiapers right now or what? Tell me what you know.

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