I Almost Killed My Child!

forgetting to strap child in car seatHere's my "OMG! I forgot to strap in my kid" car seat story. Most every mom has one (and if you don't, kindly keep your bashing to yourself, as this is an "I can relate" post.)

It was the end of the work day, and I was picking up my tired, wired, and hungry 3 year old and 2 year old from day care. Either they were having tantrums, running around the parking lot, or some other typical toddler behavior. Finally getting them into the car, both frazzled and relieved, I drove off.

About three minutes down the road, my 3 year old shouts: "Mom, I'm not safe!"

I turned around: I had strapped in my daughter but not my son. Luckily we were barely out of the lot and nothing had happened. I quickly forgave my boy his tantrum or whatever other offense. Nothing like feeling your heart drop out of your body to make you more vigilant.


Another CafeMom, nishchav, had a much closer call the other day, she writes in her journal, I Almost Killed My Child. tyme4me2day summed up other moms' reactions: "That's one lesson you will never forget, we all have been there, Sweetie, all a part of motherhood. It's amazing our children survive us, but they do."

Definitely read her Journal, but the gist is this: As nishchav was loading five kids into the car to play mini-golf, she got distracted by a missing shoe and unlocked house, and forgot to strap one of her 16 month old twins into her seat.

Three miles down the road, going at 35, the car in front slammed on the brakes. KiKi flew into the back of nishchav's seat and landed on the floor. A 15 year old nephew scooped the toddler up quickly and held her in his lap till nishchav pulled over.

"She was crying as I looked her over. By the grace of GOD she didn't even get a scratch on her," nishchav says. "I feel like the worst mother in the world. We get so caught up with all the things in life, we sometimes overlook the most important. Bash me all you want but nothing you can say can make me feel worse then I already do."



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Have you had moments like this, with either car seats or something else, that made you become even more aware and vigilant about your child's safety?

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