Moms Approached in Baby-Sitting Scam

babysitting scam

Photo by curveymama

Scammers set their sights on several CafeMoms recently in a babysitting faud scheme!

This scam has been actively targeting nannies and babysitters who post ads online for a while now, and it is still making the rounds with some success, apparently.

dizzy77702 was kind enough to let everyone know about the babysitting scam in her popular Journal post. After she posted an ad for childcare services on Craigs List, two scammers emailed her separately. The details of each attempt were slightly different, but this was the gist:


The scammer says he or she is moving to the area and needs child care for a son or daughter. They ask the babysitter to provide an estimate of all costs, a check for which will be sent to them in advance -- with a little extra that the sitter is asked to cash and return to the scammer.

So, the scammer sends a fake check, which the unsuspecting babysitter cashes at her bank. The hope is that the sitter will get the money and send the cash before the bank discovers the check is a fraud, at which time it will be too late. Either the bank or the sitter is out the money.

"This happened to me a little over a year ago!," says SarahMerritt_22. "But thankfully the check was sitting in my account, and I waited because I just didnt feel right about it. So I held on to it and kept telling them I didn't have the check in my account yet. Sure enough, our bank called and told us it was a fake check!"

Have you ever been approached by a scammer -- either for this one or another scheme?

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