Harry Potter: Is It Appropriate for Toddlers?

Has your toddler been to the movies? How about to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Last week I went to see an evening showing of the film and was seated next to a preschool-aged child. Let's just say that not much movie watching was accomplished by this tot...


Instead, throughout the entire two-and-a-half hours, he begged his (whom I assume to be his older teenage brother) for more popcorn, crawled around on the floor underneath my seat, and whined loudly that he "was bored."

I didn't mind at all but during an extremely crucial, pivotal, emotional scene (are you picking up what I'm, putting down?) the people behind us stood up and told the toddler to "BE QUIET AND WATCH THE MOVIE."

This just made everyone very uncomfortable.

Now, I hate, HATE when adults complain about kids in settings and environments that are clearly and specifically geared for kids and families: zoos, kids' movies, museums, theme parks, etc. (Seriously, lighten up, people.) But Harry Potter is a bit tricky because it appeals to such a wide audience; adults and kids seem to be equally as excited about it. Also, I was sort of surprised by how dark and scary some of the scenes were in the movie and wondered how some of the younger kids reacted to these (although the child next to me was too busy playing with my shoe to really care).

This leads me to the question: Should the people behind us been more tolerant of a young child or is Harry Potter, in fact, inappropriate for youngsters?

What do you think? Have you taken your toddler to see the new Harry Potter movie?

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