Mom Confessions: I Wish I Had a Fulfilling Career Outside the Home


mom confessionsIt's time for a Mom Confession — because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

I wish I had a fulfilling career outside the home.

I am a stay-at-home mom and never had a "fulfilling" paid career, so I can't really imagine the draw to the workplace. While I am fulfilled in many ways being home with my kids, sometimes I wish I had something outside my family, something that was my own. -- anonymous


Do you ever wish you had a career or something of your own outside the home?

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We all have secrets and opinions — so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

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mmmom... mmmommy0207

I like my job (hubby and I own an auto repair business) but owning a business takes a lot of time. I can't really justify paying someone to do the stuff I do around here. I'd love more time with my kids, but I can bring them to work whenever I need to. (I just don't get much done around here when I've got them running around!) I've been a SAHM a few times during my career as a mommy, and after a while, I got kinda bored. I have a tendancy to get stir crazy easily lol.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Oops, I voted wrong.  I'm a SAHM, and I WILL have a fulltime career when my kids are older and don't need me around as much.  When they are both in school, I'll be doing my own schooling, and by the time they're high schoolers, I'll have my actual career.  While they're young, even if I feel sometimes like being a SAHM rots my brain, it's the best for them.

toria... toriandgrace

Hm, why is there no option for working moms who are happy? I can either wish I was a SAHM or just not be fulfilled.

I'm still working on estabilishing that career, I sub in the schools and I'll be working on my masters this Fall. By next winter, I'll be able to teach. I feel very fulfilled working in education.

itsal... itsallabtthem84

I am a SAHM & do not like it. Don't get me wrong I love spending time with my children all the time, but I do prefer to work. I like to help contribute to the household income. For now I will be a SAHM until my youngest is in school. Which we are looking at about 4-5 years since she is not born yet.

kirby... kirbyalysse

i'm a SAHM. sometimes i wish i had a job so that my husband would appreciate me more, but i've only ever worked in daycares or as a nanny so i prefer to be home with my own kids than someone elses.

rebab... rebabeach2

Hmmmm. Why isn't there an option for a full-time working mother who does NOT wish to be a SAHM? Why do people assume a working mother must secretly wish to be a SAHM rather than have actually discovered a fufilling balance between a career and family? Sorry, but there ARE moms out there who are happy working and don't have any desire to stay home. The glaring omission of this choice in the poll is kind of insulting to me.

emmar... emmaryleighsmom

I worked hard to achieve my education and establish my career before having children. I have been a SAHM since giving birth to my second baby girl. I love being home, and plan to return to my career in the near future. My children are only going to be young once, and although there are days when I am pulling my hair out wishing for more adult conversation and a paycheck that involves actual money and less wet kisses...I am happy to be here for my children when I feel they need me most!

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

Hi ladies, point taken! I see what you're saying about the poll. I guess when I made the poll I was thinking in terms of the original mom's confession about staying home and longing for something else — the poll options then being about staying home and/or having a yearning for something more. No intentional dismissal of happy working moms intended. For one thing, I am one.

Please, always feel free to share your experiences here. The polls only have so many options. Thanks for continually broadening our discussions in this space, with your thoughts and experiences, same and differing. That is really what's most powerful here.

Kodee... Kodeekins

I work full time outside the home, living with my bestie, and would REALLY love to keep working, but as a nanny. :-/ Strangely, I love cleaning other peoples houses and taking care of other peoples kids. lol. But I'm applying for a promotion at my job today, actually, so I can't be too unhappy. Mad cash dollars will roll in if I get it.

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