Would You Confront This Bad Parent?

bad parentsThis happened to a CafeMom Toddler Mama yesterday while waiting in the grocery store checkout with her son. What would you have done?

"I was talking to my son and I look from the corner of my eye to see a kid with a backpack, maybe 5 or 6 walking. Suddenly, a guy with white hair grabbed him, screamed "What where you're going!" and then kicked him.

"His backpack jumped up and the kid kind of lurched forward before he walked away. I knew it was the man's child because the cashier told me she had seen this before. I asked her if I should say something, and she said no, they come in all the time. She told me she met the mother at the bus stop and she's even worse than the father.


"It broke my heart. I was so mad, but I didn't say anything. I wanted to kick that guy in the shin to show him how painful and embarrassing it was for the kid, but I didn't out of fear he would go home and beat his kid up more.

"I left there almost in tears and came home even more upset more than I was at the supermarket."

What would you have done in this mom's shoes? Would you have said anything? Called the police -- even though the son might pay the price later?

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