Adoptive Parents: Things You Must Never Say

Photo by JayGirlsMom

Have you read Cafe Suzanne's BabyBuzz post on "5 Things Never to Say to an Adoptive Parent"? Whether you have an adopted baby, toddler, or older child--or especially if you don't--you NEED to read this.

Cafe Suzanne interviewed one of our favorite adoptive moms, JayGirlsMom. One of the things you should never say?

"Is the baby yours?"

"The other day while shopping with my daughter, I was asked by four people, four people, while just in one store, if JayLyn was mine," says JayGirlsMom. "Yup. She's mine all right. All Mine! Why do people think it is their business to say that to a stranger?"

Read her full post and let Cafe Suzanne know what you think.


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