Kings and Queens of Their Own Play Castle

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Photo from Land of Nod

This hanging play castle looks like good toddler fun, doesn't it?


What toddler wouldn't want a play castle hideout that hangs right from the ceiling? Your miniature kings and queens, princes and princesses can hide and play (and, eh em, NAP!) right inside. Hang it in their bedroom or the playroom.

This tiny castle room (ages 3 and up) is great for promoting independent play time. Just add a pillow, some board books, some teddy bears, and wah-lah! — royally fun times.

If you're crafty, this is great project you could DIY and adapt for your home or child.

Hmmm... now I wondering if they make a hanging mom castle... Some days I'd love a place like this to hide — just me, my laptop, and CafeMom. :)

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