How to Get Your Toddler to Take Off the Princess Gown

Does your toddler insist on wearing a pretty princess dress (or other costume) absolutely everywhere?

Some parents find this persistence endearing; for others, it drives them nuts...

If you fall into the second camp, here are some ideas for getting your child to wear regular clothes (unless, of course, you only go to places where gowns are perfectly acceptable).


Lots of toddlers have clothes hang-ups. But what do you do if your toddler insists on wearing something that isn't entirely appropriate for every occasion? A Chicago newspaper recently posted some ideas from moms about how to get your preschooler out of the princess dress:

  • Let her wear it as much as she wants. Once she realizes that you don't care if she wears it or not, she will decide to wear something else.
  • Tell her that the princess dress is so pretty and special that it should only be worn at home—otherwise it might get dirty, torn, or ruined. (This sounds a little sneaky to me.)
  • Have her wear it under her regular clothes.
  • Set certain inflexible parameters about where she can wear it—at home, but not at school, etc. Or, maybe tell her she can wear it only once a week.

Does your toddler have an item of clothing—princess dress or otherwise—they always insist on wearing?

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