Encouraging Your Toddler to Play With Food: Good Idea?

plate for kids

Photo from Scents of Delight

I love this fun plate for toddlers. It reminds me of an Etch A Sketch, except instead of creating a picture with aluminum beads, your kid will be doing it with food.


I figure if my toddler is going to play with her food anyway, she might as well be doing something creative. Who knows? Maybe she'll be the next van Gogh. I'm actually looking forward to trying it myself!

I also think that food and meals are something to be enjoyed, and this might be one way of getting a picky eater interested. You could turn it into a game. Help your toddler create a picture and then have him eat it ... first eat the hat, then the mustache, etc.

The Food Face plate is made of food-safe ceramics and costs $11 at Scents of Delight.

What do you think? Dinner-time fun? Or encouraging your toddler to be naughty at mealtime?

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