What Do You Hope Is True — for Your Kid's Sake?

toddler, hopes for the future

Photo by DeeGillette

My 2.5-year old was gibber jabbering all around my desk when I was reading the post What do you hope is true? on a new-to-me blog called White Hot Truth.

So Danielle's list of hopes combined with my toddler's noisy presence got me thinking...what do I hope is true...for my kids' sake?


What I Hope Is True — for the Sake of My Kids:

  • That reading stories to them every night provides them a lifetime appreciation for books and knowledge.
  • That we really can do something to reverse global warming.
  • That they will see a female president in their lifetimes.
  • That all the times I forced them to play by themselves will equip them with powerful and creative tools to take on the world.
  • That recycling will become second nature.
  • That a cure for cancer and AIDS can really be found.
  • That there really is HOPE.
  • That love is all we need.

What do you hope is true — for your kid's sake?

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