Smoking Pot Around the Kids

smoking pot around kidsCafeMoms already have strong opinions about smoking pot...But this Florida news story about a mom who allowed her boyfriend to smoke marijuana around her toddler adds a whole new level of controversy...


According to the Crestview News Bulletin, 20-year-old Autumn Marie Carney allowed her boyfriend, Chris, to smoke pot in the presence of her 16-month-old child. Police reported that the house smelled like pot smoke. She said:

"Chris only smokes weed in the house every once in a while, around the baby. He just smokes a little bit, and I didn't think it was a big problem."

She was arrested for felony child neglect and possession of marijuana. Her boyfriend was also charged with neglect and possession (as well as a host of other offenses that occurred during his arrest).

What do you think of this story and the neglect charge?

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