Swine Flu Parties: Will Your Toddler Attend?

swine flu party chicken pox party

Swine flu party, anyone? R.S.V.P here.

I've heard of chicken pox parties, but my husband just told me that some people are having swine flu parties.

Parenting Web sites in the U.S. and Britain have been buzzing with the idea—some parents are considering bringing their kids to one of these parties in the hopes that they'll catch the disease now and build up their immunity.

Doctors say it's not a good idea. Yes, parents have been exposing their kids to playmates to chicken pox for years, but doctors say that's a different story because chickenpox is a one-time only disease.

The H1N1 virus, on the other hand, is an unknown, and experts say that actively encouraging its spread through swine flu parties could risk the health of those who are most vulnerable.

While swine flu symptoms aren't usually life threatening to those in good health, it can be deadly for children with other medical conditions.

Would you bring your kid to a swine flu party?

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auror... aurorabunny

That's ridiculous.  This is something that with proper hygiene, health and nutrition your child has a very good chance of avoiding all together, why on earth would you expose them to it on purpose?

zoiezmom zoiezmom

we all caught swine flu, i wound not recomend this because you get so freaking sick. you have to take at least a week off work. it just plain sucks, i stay far away from it. p.s. my husband was hospitalized because it got so bad!!

KatieP. KatieP.

see its not that dangerous now but they say it could mutate into something much more dangerous by fall.... we were all sick recently and I was hoping that it was swine flu just so that we would have it out of the way but to deliberatly catch it? I dunno.......

StefI... StefInfection

HELL TO THE NO!!! What's wrong with people?

justa... justanotherjen

Um, no.  My kids have never had the flu (of any kind), why would I purposefuly try to get them sick?


toria... toriandgrace

No, I certainly would not.

evyth... evythecute

nope wouldnt do it...

Freela Freela

I understand the logic behind it (to try to gain immunity in case it mutates to a more virulent strain in the fall.) That being said, there is no guarantee that immunity now would protect against a modified strain, and we are fortunate in the sense that a vaccine will very likely to available in the fall flu season for those who choose to get it.  So no, I will not be attending any swine flu parties... I am going to stock up on Purell, wash all of our hands frequently, and hope to luck out until a vaccine is available.

bfly2000 bfly2000

NO, that is ridiculous. 

manco... mancosmomma

It's just as likely as the virus will MUTATE to a MILDER form.  Purposely exposing your children to disease is ludicrious.  Colds are a mild, one-time disease, but I still don't expose my kids on PURPOSE to gain immunity. 

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