Simple or Elaborate for a Toddler Bedroom?

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Disney Princess Bedroom from Rooms to Go

A mom in The Cafe is thinking about buying this bed, plus a coordinating princess dresser not shown, for her 3 year old daughter. There were plenty of drools over the bed, with one mom saying that she'd sleep in that!

But the post quickly lead to a discussion on whether simple and classic is better than elaborate and themed when it comes to toddler bedrooms.

"You can't guarantee she will love that bed forever," said one mom. "My two girls went through the princess phase, but now it's over. I would hate to get such an expensive bed and have them grow out of it."

So, which one would you pick for your daughter? An ornate bedroom like above ...

Or a simple one like below ...



toddler bedroom sets

Emerson & Satin Stitch bedroom from Restoration Hardware

What type of bedroom does your toddler have -- simple or ornate?

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