When Is Snack Time at Your House?

snacks for toddlers

Photo by JayGirlsMom

Toddlers couldn't survive without snacks. Or, I should say, their moms wouldn't survive without giving them snacks.

As Mom401 says in Advice for Moms, "Kids need small portions every three hours. Little tummies empty out fast and it causes pain when they get hungry. They get clingy, fussy, and restless, not knowing how to comfort their tummy."

That's putting it politely. My kids have inherited their father's "need to eat" gene that causes them to shape-shift into bears if their sugar levels drop below a certain level. Snack time is a critical part of any Toddler Moms's day, which is why CafeMoms have been sharing their best schedule and snack suggestions recently.


When CafeMoms give snack

-- At least twice a day if not more, sometime mid morning between breakfast and lunch, and sometime mid afternoon between lunch and dinner;

-- Always after nap;

-- Some moms don't give snacks unless breakfast and lunch is finished

-- Feed them something at least every three hours, including meals

-- A snack after lunch is a very good idea!

What CafeMoms serve for snack

-- Thin apple slices dipped in yogurt

-- Hard-boiled egg dipped in apple sauce

-- Applesauce and piece of bread

-- Cheese and crackers

-- Juice

-- Cereal

-- Cantaloupe slices, fruit

-- Granola or cereal bars

-- Pretzels or tortilla chips

How many times a day do you give your toddler snacks? Do they get to have a snack before bed?

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