Has Your Tot Ridden a Roller Coaster Yet?

first roller coaster rideDriving back from a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's last weekend, we passed a carnival.

"Mom, can we stop?! Please, Mom!"

I came up with some excuse that led to two very glum faces, but they got over it. I get motion sick on carnival rides, and I know the only way my kids would go on them is if I was part of the deal. Plus, I'm terrified of heights, so that rules the Ferris wheel out.

My son, 6, would probably go on the rides alone, but that makes me nervous. And my scaredy cat 4 year old would definitely want me with her, even on the slower baby rides.


Other moms have been doing the amusement park and carnival circuit with their toddlers since they were very little.

One mama said her 4 year old went on her very first roller coaster just the other day and wasn't scared a bit. She even stood up.

Another little girl rode the Shamu roller coaster at Sea World when she was just 3.

One went on a carnival teacup ride all by herself at 2 1/2.

Have your toddlers been on a roller coaster or amusement park or carnival ride yet? Which one and how old were they?

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