Potty Training Tip: Set a Timer

How do I toilet train my toddler? There isn't one answer for every toddler, so each week I'll shout out a new success story or quick tip from a CafeMom.

Tip #9: Set a timer

Since one of the roadblocks of potty training is getting kids to remember when to go, some moms have used egg timers, stove timers, or even special potty training watches like the one above.

Says Christy78:

"When I trained my kids, I first set it for five minutes. Every five minutes I put them on the potty. After a week or so I did it for 10 minutes. It takes some time, but any time she went I put a sticker on her potty chart."



Fancier products, like the Potty Watch ($11), works on the same principal. It helps remind children to give the pot a shot by playing music and lighting up at 30, 60, or 90 minute intervals, as set by their mom.

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