Splenda -- Do Your Tots Eat It?

Cynthia Dermody

toddlers and artificial sweetenersBecause many moms are looking to cut their toddlers' sugar load, the store shelves are filled with low- or reduced-sugar snacks. My kids love popsicles, and last week I noticed our favorite brand just came out with a "reduced sugar" version that I really wanted to try.

Good thing I looked at the lable -- the replacement ingredient was sucralose, aka Splenda. Studies have shown it's safe, but my tummy is sensitive to the artificial sweetener so I had to put the pops back in favor of the regular sugar variety.

But what is your feeling about artificial sweeteners in kids' food?


Would you buy your toddlers food and snacks containing artificial sweeteners?

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Do you use artificial sweeteners? Are they okay for adults but not for kids?

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