Sharing Michael Jackson With Your Kids

I spent a good deal of time this weekend sharing Michael Jackson music and videos with my kids (isn't this video of the 3-year dancing to the Thriller video so cute?).

Sharing with my kids the music I grew up with is one of those things I always thought I had plenty of time to do. And then Michael Jackson died.


Although I felt Michael Jackson's talents were long ago buried amid all of his personal and emotional troubles and turmoil, it wasn't until I heard that he died that I clenched my chest and felt the immediate need to share his immense musical talent with my kids.

Soon I will have to explain the sadness that was Michael Jackson's personal life with my kids (my oldest is already questioning his changing looks). However, today, while they are still small, I am just sharing the brilliance of his music and what it meant to me then and now.

Did you do any MIchael Jackson reminiscing with your kids after you heard the news of his death?

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