Imaginary Friends: Who Was Yours?

Photo by rockerchic

Your toddler expresses creativity in lots of ways: through art, playing dress-up, and even by making an imaginary friend.

Imaginary playmates are perfectly normal, it seems, and in most cases they're a real good thing. Studies have shown that kids who invent imaginary friends, whether invisible beings or personified toys, tend to have better verbal skills and better social understanding. But no worries if your child doesn't have pretend pals, either.


destinee_115 asked in Answers whether any other toddlers out there have been striking up conversations with imaginary friends. Her 3-year-old is starting to talk to people who aren't there and she wondered whether this was normal.

Many moms responded, you bet, their children have pretend friends too.

Nika75 can still remember the ones that she had when she was that age. "Beego, Bodid and Dainty! LOL! I have no recollection of what I "did" with them, but I do remember playing with them."

Did you have imaginary friends, or does your toddler?

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