Lighting Up Around Your Kids

I was fascinated by Cafe Kierna's discussion the other day involving the British mom who actually rewards her 13-year-old daughter with cigarettes!

What is it about kids and smoking lately?

Today I came across this article on about parents who let friends smoke around their kids. Whether you light up or not, this issue of kids and nicotine falls in a whole different category, for sure. (See what Cafe Suzanne says about allowing smokers to be parents in the first place).

Would you let a good friend who's an otherwise a positive influence on your child smoke a few feet away from them, either in your house or on an open deck outside? Or, do you do it yourself?

Before you answer--check out what the writer of the piece says--you may end up thinking a little differently about it.


People aren't perfect. When we try to create a perfect universe where adults are all role models all the time, are we really doing what's best for our kids? When they get out beyond the smoke-free deck, what will they think of the people who do smoke? What about other unhealthy behavior? Will you ask your anorexic cousin to finish everything on her plate? Or insist that your couch potato-father-in-law eat sliced bananas instead of a pepperoni pizza stuffed with cinnamon buns from Domino's when he's watching the game?

Of course, the behavioral aspect is only one side of it. I also worry about the proximity of the fumes to my little one's breathing apparatus.

California, Arkansas, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Bangor, Maine, and Rockland County, New York, have all made it illegal for anyone to smoke while riding in a car with a child. Many states even prohibit lighting up around kids in the home.

Okay, let's have it. Your opinions, comments ...


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