Do You Let Your Toddler Play in the Sandbox?

summer survival guideforbidding kids from playing in the sandboxRecently, a friend of mine told me it grosses her out when her 3-year-old wants to play in the sandbox at the neighborhood playground. I had no idea why until I read this post on Lil Sugar about moms forbidding their kids from playing in the sandbox...


According to the post, "rodents and insects visit the sandbox during the night and leave their excrement behind."

Um, that's DISGUSTING. Forbidding kids from playing there might be a little extreme, but ew, I don't even want to think about this!

According to some moms in the Stay At Home Moms Group, even sandboxes at home can be pretty grody, especially if you don't have one with a cover to keep animals from pooping in it. Moms say they are "messy," "a pain in the butt," and "a breeding ground for mosquitoes" and other bugs.

Does your family have a sandbox? Ever experienced any bug or poop problems like these or does a cover keep it clean enough?


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