Sibling Showers, Prepping Your Child For New Baby: Links I Love


Photo by LOHood

Getting a new baby brother or sister is a huge change for a toddler. Here are some links I love that may help you prepare:


After your toddler has learned that there's another baby inside of you, you'll no doubt get the question, "Mommy, where do babies come from?" — Momversation

Here are ways for prepping your child for the arrival of the new addition. — Parent Dish

Instead of having another baby shower, throw a sibling shower to honor the big brother or sister. — Lil Sugar

Tips on introducing the new siblings once the baby has arrived. — Pregnancy Buzz

Celebs open up with how they dealt with their oldest child's reaction to the new baby. — Celeb Baby

What did you do to help your older children prepare for the new baby?




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