Potty Training Tip: Being Wet Works


potty training tipsHow do I toilet train my toddler? There isn't one answer for every toddler, so each week I'll shout out a new success story or quick tip from a CafeMom.

Tip #8: Let Him Feel the Wetness

This is something I may consider with my own if it gets to this point ...

My nephew was around 4 and resisting potty training. After months of trying, my dad put him in underwear and took him to Target. He told him to speak up if he had to go potty. My nephew didn't, and ended up peeing in his pants while sitting in the buggy.

My dad told him he was not done shopping and that when he finished, he'd take him to go change his clothes.

My nephew was potty trained from that point on.

This tip comes from Mommy2Justice


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sodapple sodapple

maybe that's what my daughter needs, recently he just decided that she will pee standing behind the bathroom door! or right on the bathroom carpet!!! when she has been going to it now for a bit more than 4 months, at the beginning i understood that accidents will happen but in this case, its beginning to be a little to often for comfort ==-(

ilove... ilovemyson2002

when my first wasnt potty train until 5 1/2 but of not to able to talk the school that he was going to help out real good with him they used a timer and set for ever 30 mintues n told us to put him in under wear no more pull up n it worked 

DreaK... DreaKevAiyana

Although I didn't let my daughter sit in her own pee in the store, while at home I would put her in just panties, and if she peed, she peed and we cleaned it up, and only when she was wearing panties did I notice her 'signals' before peeing.  She's been potty trained since she was about 29 months.

RanaA... RanaAurora

It's fine to do that at HOME - not in the store.  That's disgusting.  Did he hose down the cart when he was done?  Did he clean up anywhere it dripped on the floor?  I highly doubt it.  Did he put a towel on her carseat on the way home, and therefore make her unsafe in the car? Also, congrats on letting your child sit in their own urine, irritating their skin.

justa... justanotherjen

Didn't work for my daughter.  I would put her in undies, she would pee and just continue on her business.  She never cared.  She was almost 4 when she finally potty trained and that was because she was visiting my sil (who swore she would have her trained in 2 days...like I hadn't actually been trying for the last 2 years) and when it was time for the kids to come home my sil said she couldn't leave until she was using the potty.

Talk about motivation.  Within 2 days of her saying that (this was after they had been there a week and a half) she was using the potty full time.

Letting them be wet didn't work with my youngest either.  She would pee and freak out and then refuse to put underwear on again.  She would kick and scream and throw things.  She would actually scream until she threw up if you even mentioned putting underwear on her after the first time she had an accident.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Some how that just seems unusually cruel to me. I mean...the first 2-3 years of their life you tell them it's o.k. to go in their shorts and NOW you are doing to let them sit in thier feces and urine to prove a point to a TODDLER? Yes, I think it's o.k. to let them pee thier pants. But then I immediatly change them while reinforcing how nice it is to go on the potty.

And you know what? Ds is really getting it and has started telling me before he goes!

Paros Paros

I might do that with my son (3 1/2) what your dad did with your nephew. Because I'm pulling my hair with potty training my son.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

Any younger and I would think that is wrong.  But at 4, I think that could be warranted.  Because then that child is just being a stinker.  Although I wouldn't do that in public.    My son trained pretty easily just before he turned 3, though.  And my second is currently self-training at 19 months.  Totally shocked me, potty training him wasn't even on my mind yet, but he asks to go sometimes, and probably about a third of those times, he does go.

.Kelly. .Kelly.

i agree with rana, thats fine to do at home but wrong on so many levels to do at the store. this is exactally why i dont put my son in buggys, you never know what other kids do in them. this is disgusting.

jaiel... jaiellelove

LoL...I did this to my oldest son. We went to our favorite mall almost an hour away from home. We usually brought a change of clothes and he knew this. So one day, I told him. NO change of clothes. You need to go, speak up. I warned him if he were to not speak up and pee on himself. He would wait until we returned home. My son doesn't take well to being embarrased, so we told him that would be truly embarrasing....needless to say, we were good thereafter! lol...

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