Potty Training Tip: Being Wet Works

potty training tipsHow do I toilet train my toddler? There isn't one answer for every toddler, so each week I'll shout out a new success story or quick tip from a CafeMom.

Tip #8: Let Him Feel the Wetness

This is something I may consider with my own if it gets to this point ...

My nephew was around 4 and resisting potty training. After months of trying, my dad put him in underwear and took him to Target. He told him to speak up if he had to go potty. My nephew didn't, and ended up peeing in his pants while sitting in the buggy.


My dad told him he was not done shopping and that when he finished, he'd take him to go change his clothes.

My nephew was potty trained from that point on.

This tip comes from Mommy2Justice


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